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A red alert! We need all women of planet earth to step up and fight to save the day. Whats this you say? You dont know the first thing about become a female superhero? Well, dont worry, because thats what were here for!maybe youre a fan girl whos been following the pages of the comics for years. Or maybe youre a newcomer to the superhero world and youll just all about the role models you see on the silver screen. Whatever your knowledge level, theres never a better time than the present to step into a superwoman costume, and get ready to help save the day. Whatever kind of hero you envision yourself as, our superhero costumes for women and girls have the details to let any lady become a crime fighter extraordinaire. And if youre still working on choosing which hero youd like to be, weve got a few tips, tricks, and how-tos to share with ya. So thats why we created this how to be a superhero section! Packed full of the hottest-selling superhero costumes for ladies, weve assembled perennially popular costumes along with all the brand new up-and-coming new ones. Because if theres one thing were all about as a company, its making sure you get the most out of your costume experience. Com way!female superhero costume ideas for womena few years ago, there may have been only a few female heroes for fans to emulate. But that is most certainly not the case anymore! With superheroines starring in live action movies directly inspired by comic books, as well as all kinds of new science fiction and action flicks, there are plenty of great role models out there to emulate. Check out some of our favorite choices of costume ideas for women. Theyre all very popular characters and costumes, and any one of them would be a great choice for an action packed halloween!wonder woman costumewonder woman has been a comic book star since roughly, oh, 1944, but it took her 70 some odd years to finally get a movie of her own! (thanks gal gadot, were looking at you!) if youd like to emulate this modern version of princess diana of themyscira, this deluxe dawn of justice wonder woman costume is a really great choice. With an armor plated design inspired by greek armor of antiquity, were sure youre going to look fantastic as the amazing amazonian. Upgrade your look with the movie replica sword and shield, and youll be ready to go toe-to-toe with whatever threats imperil planet earth!black widow costumeblack widow had been an avengers hero in the pages of the comics for many years, but when scarlet johansson brought her to life in the marvel avengers movie franchise, well, the world had never quite seen a lady who can kick butt like her! Wed suggest going in this costume to really up the ante on your own heroic deeds. Agent natasha romanoff is a trained lethal killer, and you can emulate her style with this wet look jumpsuit costume. Add her signature red wig if you dont have red locks of your own, and youll have black widows style down pat!superwoman costumewho doesnt love supergirl? Shes made a big splash on the cw with a hit show, and even if youd rather call her superwoman or kara zor-el, were sure youll be a fan of getting into this fantastic costume. The sleek and modern look of this dress costume borrows plenty from the classic look of the character, but we think youll be ready to stand boldly to defend human kind against all kinds of peril. Grab this costume, and when the cape flutters in the wind, were sure youre going to feel capable of saving the day!black canary costumefans of the hit the cw show arrow know that theres more than one character who can kick a little butt on the show. In fact, wed go so far as to say that the black canary is even tougher than the titular character! When youre heavily versed in martial arts and know a thing or two about tactics as well, were not at all surprised that youre going to be saving the day. This signature costume is inspired by the shows look, and its ready to let you become a dc comics crime fighter. Grab a bo staff and get ready to beat up the baddies with this black costume!spider woman costumespiderman has quite a famous rap, but maybe youre all about spider woman? The character jessica drew became this hero whos been affiliated with the avengers and s. , and her superhuman strength has been an asset to whichever team shes helping out. You can go on your own mission with this cool costume. The shine finish suit has a spandex blend to perfectly capture the comic book character come to life look. Use your newfound powers to save the day for your costume group or just to rule the party. Everyones going to get to know the name spider woman in a hurry!storm costumeof all x-men storm costumes, this one has to be our favorite. Her signature look from the 2000s, you can grab this costume to take command of the skies! Storm loves to fly and use thunder and lightning to help the x-men defeat their opponents, and while this storm costume doesnt come with the power of flight, were sure youll have a little extra mutant flair when you rock it. Stand tall and team up with wolverine or your bestie in a rogue costume, and youll be ready to save the day. Just remember to pose your arms like theres a big time storm brewing!superhero costumes for girlsyou might be looking to make a big splash at your annual halloween get together, but if youre shopping for a younger lady, she might just be looking to save the day while out trick-or-treating or to go all out for a dress up day at school. And we think thats a great idea! Youth is the prime time to instill the traits of heroic role models in a young lady, so check out these costumes to give them a taste of the superhero life. After all, if they commit to their education and training, theyll be able to grow up into the next generation of female superheroes!supergirl costumewe cant ever ever get enough pink, and we think its just about time superheroes start to wear our favorite shade too. And thats why we think pink supergirl costumes are a really great idea! This adorable pink costume will let her become the famed hero of metropolis, but shell be pretty in pink too. With classic styling combined with modern touches, this costume is sure to become one of her favorites!harley quinn girl costumethe hottest line of the year is most definitely the dc superhero girls. And in this incarnation of the classic dc comics characters, harley quinn is a teenager so shes not even a villain yet! Your girl can be this younger version of gothams bad girl with this popular costume. She can team up with her friends as the whole super hero high gang, or just make sure harley ends up supporting good deeds and not a life of crime!super hero tutu costumesure, she can soar high above the city ready to save the day, but can she do it in a tutu? Of course she can! Okay, so she cant really fly or harness the powers of our yellow sun, but thats no reason she cant be tough, brave, and a little cute to boot by choosing this kids supergirl costume. With a touch of glitter and a tulle skirt, shell have the super style worthy of the shield on her chest!batgirl costumeis she ready to save the day in gotham city? Is she ready to do it in purple? Then shes going to love this costume! Out of all batgirl costumes, this one inspired by the 1966 television series is our tip top favorite. The velvet finish is downright superhero chic, and with the yellow accents on the cape, wrists and boot covers its an awesome throwback style thats really perfect in any era. Shell be ready to battle all the baddies with this costume. Sexy dc comics costume ideas for womenfemale superheroes arent just known for kicking butt, theyre awesome at that, but theyre generally pretty well renowned for having some sizzling sex appeal too. Sure, perhaps it was intentioned just to appease male fans, but thats no reason not to own it and show off your appealing style. Check out some of these costumes to add a sexy touch to halloween!sexy supergirl costumeshe can soar through the skies and defeat any villain whos threatening the day, but she can also look damn good doing it too! Supergirl really can do it all, and now you can as well with this costume. With a wide scoop neck and short cut metallic dress, wed have a hard time finding any fan who wouldnt describe this look as sexy. Sexy batman costumebruce wayne is always brooding and hiding out in the shadows as batman, but you wont have to do any of that when you go as batwoman. Sex appeal with the utility belt to match, this sexy dress costume has a wet look finish and its sure to stop villains right in their tracks. Then, just tie up the baddies with your bat-rope, and you can skip the scene in time to make your late night date!sexy robin costumewho says batmans partner needs to be a boy? Wed love to hop into the cockpit of the batmobile with bruce wayne and go for a spin, so why not try this robin costume for women? Youre sure to catch batmans eye at the big party, and before you know it, youre going to be side by side with him fighting to save gotham city. The bad guys are never going to know what hit them!sexy harley quinn costumeharley quinn took the world by storm in 2016s suicide squad, and now you can do this same at your party with this scintillating deluxe costume! Styled just after her appearance in the blockbuster flick, you too can go in the hottest costume of the season when you choose this style. J of your own or just strike out solo to find your own partner-in-crime at the big party. Were sure whatever you do in this costume is going to be smashing!female flash costumetheres nothing better than being fast. Like super-fast! And thats what the flash is all about. Theres nothing about being speedy thats only in a boys purview, and if youd like a look thats as sizzling as it is speedy, then were sure this sexy flash costume will be just the ticket for you. With the red-on-red style of this getup, we think youre going to be zipping all around the dance floor all night meeting new people!villainess costume ideasin the course of shopping for a superhero costume, maybe youve come to the conclusion that youd rather just be bad this year. Maybe crime really does pay! If thats the case, then theres plenty of female supervillain costumes for you to choose from! Look to the batman franchise for classic enemies like poison ivy, the joker, or you could even pick out a womens riddler costume! And instead of looking at spiderman costumes for girls, we think a venom costume would be a downright wicked choice! Whether youre looking to go on a wicked costume crime spree, or you just want to be the foil to your costume partner for the night, these comic book inspired looks will have you ready for all of the action!female superhero love your lookgetting the costume experience right isnt just something we preach its something we practice. And thats why when were testing, photographing, and writing about our top selling costumes, we put in the extra effort to really bring the costume to life. Its what we like to call love your look! We want to do whatever it takes to make sure your experience is top notch, and were more than willing to go the extra mile. Check out some of these images from a recent photo shoot to pick up on the tricks of the trade that we use to bring both the costume and cosplayer to life. Its not just an industry secret anymore!love your look as harley quinnso you want to go as harley quinn this year. But you dont just want to be gotham citys number one bad girl, nah, thats not good enough for ya. You want to be the top renowned villain world-wide. In fact, wed have to say we highly encourage it! You can take your suicide squad look to the next level with a little extra attention to detail and a few extra touches. In this photo, you can tell that our models not just excited to be harley, shes downright estactic about it. (well, maybe its just all the jewels shes planning on getting her hands on from her next crime spree) you can practice your own devious smile, but when you have the signature harley quinn suicide squad wig, youre going to want to make sure your facial expressions convey the not-so-deep thoughts of a certified mental case. Her makeup is on-point, just like margot robbie, and when the sequins catch the light just right and she holds the harley quinn inflatable bat at the ready, well, theres no way wed try to cross this villain. Love your look as wonder womangal gadot totally rocks as wonder woman, but for us, that vintage style is tried, tested, and true! We love reminiscing about lynda carter rocking the ww insignia in the 70s, or pouring over vintage comics for some of the most amazing moments from the amazing amazonian. If youre anything like us, then were sure youre going to really dig this classic long dress wonder woman costume. Our model did, and she really loved that the dress and padded bust offered more coverage than some of the more revealing wonder woman costumes. With the polyfoam wristlets positioned just right on her arms, and the golden foam tiara on her head she feels bold, powerful, and ready to kick some butt. Of course her mission is probably just going to the big party or watching over the little ones to keep them in line, but you dont always have to save the day when you go in costume. Sometimes, you can just enjoy the extra boost in confidence!love her look at wonder womanthe task of saving the day really should be left for the young and imaginative, so were sure any young lady will love choosing from our selection of superhero costumes for girls. Most little ladies look up to wonder woman and this modern costume is styled directly from the latest dc comics movie universe. Shell be able to look up to gal gadot and her portrayal as the amazing amazon as a serious role model with this costume!this batman v superman costume perfectly captures the iconic new look of wonder woman, and you can tell that our model got a serious boost of confidence from these threads. A step down from the full armor set worn by gadot, this simple costume still carries all the right costume cues with wristlets, armband and a tiara. You can tell that shes ready to battle the worst-of-the-worst dc villains, even though shes probably going to be content just working on filling up her trick-or-treat bag. Best of all, when she has this costume, she can be serious, or just a fun modern hero. Itll be her call!love her look as catwomancatwoman is all devious sometimes a hero and sometimes a villain. If youve got a girl who can play that part to a tee, well, then its time to introduce her to this classic batman character. We all watched when anne hathaway stole the show in the dark knight rises, and while we wouldnt exactly call her a role model, we think that her ever-capable demeanor is very much worth emulating!she can become the legendary catburglar with this deluxe catwoman costume. A knit armor print contrasts perfectly with wet-look vinyl accents, and when she dons the goggle enhanced eyemask, her identity will be safe and secure. Our model had so much fun as this classic character that she couldnt even decide if she wanted to be a hero or a villain. And thats how we like to play it, too, right in the middle! Arm her with this movie look for a truly memorable halloween.


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